Friday, October 30, 2009

Temporary removal of minimum cost per order

We have noticed there are situations where clients do not wish to order a minimum of $100 per order. While there are operational and financial reasons for imposing a minimum, we are testing the elimination of this requirement in exchange for a higher shipping and handling fee.

Starting today, you can submit orders for less than $100 through our shopping cart. Nevertheless, we recommend you consider whether it is possible to increase the size of your order to over $100, as this will likely reduce your overall shipping and handling charges significantly.

To estimate your shipping and handling charges, enter your country, state/province, and zip/postal code in the shipping rates section of your cart and click "recalculate". This will display your alternative shipping methods and costs.

We will continue to monitor the demand for sub-$100 orders and do our best to continue this policy next year.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wholesale Iced Tea CTC - loose or restaurant food service tea bags

Sometimes we move so quickly we forget to mention an entire product line that's been added. Such is the case with our wholesale CTC flavored blends, available in loose, 1 and 3 gallon (cello) tea bags. The loose option lets you portion the tea to the precise strength you wish for your iced tea program. The 1 and 3 gallon tea bag sizes are pre-portioned for use in commercial iced tea brewers, such as Bunn, Bloomfield, Cecilware, Grindmaster. Perfect for commercial kitchens. Minimum quantities are 1000 tea bags per order. Please call for pricing.

Flavors include:
As we enter the colder seasons, we all think of Florida, California, Hawaii, where iced tea is enjoyed all year long.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Case Quantities of Teas

If you've viewed our warehouse video, you may have noticed our teas most often arrive on pallets. These pallets contain multiple cases (or chests). When you purchase in quantities less than 50 lbs, you are often purchasing in less than case sizes. Essentially we break the case open to weigh the amount of product required to complete an order.

Kopius Teas is now expanding its operations to handle the sale of intact case quantities. Intact cases are easier to redistribute and customers enjoy considerable discounts over our sub-case pricing. Please contact us for more information or a quotation.

To facilitate ordering, you will find the case quantity of our wholesale teas and tisanes listed on the individual product page's "case size" tab (found underneath the product photo).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rainforest Alliance Certified Teas

The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. Rainforest Alliance Certified farms have reduced environmental footprints, are good neighbors to human and wild communities and are often integral parts of regional conservation initiatives.

Under the auspices of the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN), an international coalition of leading conservation groups, the Rainforest Alliance works with farmers to ensure compliance with the SAN standards for protecting wildlife, wild lands, workers' rights and local communities. Farms that meet these rigorous standards are awarded the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal.

Kopius Teas ( purchase tea from three plantations that produce Rainforest Alliance certified teas. These include Korakundah, Chamraj, and Allada. We ask that you support the Rainforest Alliance by purchasing these certified teas or asking your local tea merchant to offer these products.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fair Trade Pricing

Just a quick note - we changed how our Fair Trade teas, herbs, and rooibos appear in the shopping cart.

These fees now appear incorporated into the product price, but there is a new line item for the fee itself. This change was made to expedite our order processing and to be consistent with how we report these fees to TransFair USA and TransFair Canada.

If you have any questions on these modifications, please contact us at 858 764 1981

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Conversation with Manik Jayakumar, Qtrade Teas & Herbs

You can listen to an archived recording of a recent interview with Manik Jayakumar, President, Qtrade Teas  & Herbs. The broadcast is featured on our internet talk radio channel, TeaCast.

Many of us buy and sell organic, fair trade, and biodynamic products, but we don't always have an opportunity to see or understand its impact on the actual tea gardens. Manik discusses changes on the tea plantation when they convert from conventional to organic farming methods. In addition, he notes the range of activities and products that Qtrade Teas & Herbs now performs. We think this is a unique opportunity to feature one of the true pioneers in the specialty tea industry.

Kopius Teas is a distributor for Qtrade. We have streamlined the ordering process to allow small to mid-tier companies to purchase from Qtrade's extensive range of conventional and organic teas, herbs, spices, fruit, and flowers.