Friday, October 22, 2010

Teaze Infuser Demonstration

Here is a new video featuring the Teaze infuser in action...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fair Trade Resource Network

If you're new to Fair Trade or want a fresher on how these programs are designed to assist small farming communities, sign up for a series of seminars offered by the Fair Trade Resource Network.

They are offering a new series called, "Webinar Series "Clarifying Certifications in Fair Trade". A small donation is requested per webinar segment.

You might also want to visit FairTradeUSA or FairTradeCanada for additional resources.

Friday, October 15, 2010

First Pyramid Tea Bags

We just completed our first run of wholesale, bulk pyramid tea bags for food service. I think they came out rather nice!

This particular manufacturing run was made with a slightly larger bag and contains 2.5 grams of tea per bag. The pyramid bagging machine is all digital, so we can set the desired weight per bag and it will constantly monitor the weight per bag to ensure the proper minimum quantity.

Think of it. Any restaurant chef, tea merchant, coffee roaster can now come to us and we can custom formulate and manufacture tea bags for food service. Pretty cool.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Customer Support Live Chat Upgraded

We just completed an upgrade to our live customer support chat rooms. Previously, our chat rooms were rarely monitored, with the chat link located fairly far down the home page left navigation panel. Now we will be offering live support more frequently throughout the week to bring you a higher degree of customer service, especially as we approach the busy holiday season.

Look for the Live Support link (shown above) in the upper left corner, directly above our contact telephone numbers.

Several new features include:
  • include initial contact information so we can immediately locate your account records
  • print or email chat transcripts
  • transfer files without leaving the chat window 
  • participate in optional exit satisfaction surveys 
  • quick link to our customer support ticket resolution system during non-monitored sessions
We hope you will like this new tool. We know your time is valuable.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Over the Cup Teaze Infuser for Elegant Tea Preparation

Elegantly steep tea by the cup with our new clear Teaze Infuser. These designs came on the market a few years ago, but we really like this latest design, with its natural curves and modest functional size.
The Teaze Infuser holds up to 16 ounces and is made of medical grade Eastman Tritan to remain clear and durable. BPA Free and dish washer safe, this infuser will transform steeping of loose leaf tea into a uniquely captivating preparation for home, office, and fine restaurants.

To use, simply add tea and hot water to the Teaze Infuser. When your tea is ready, place the Teaze Infuser over the cup and the Teaze automatically dispenses filtered tea into your cup.

The key is the water tight seal which is released as soon as you place the infuser on top of a cup. I've used it several times and it does a good job with minimizing dripping, which is something I have to deal with frequently with basket type infusers.

Our first shipment is expected towards the end of October 2010. Order today in time for the holidays. Comes 24 to a case.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

T-sac disposable tea filters now available

We very pleased to introduce 5 different t-sac tea filters - ready for retail sale. The natural tea filters are portable, perfect for to go cups and convenient steeping of larger quantities of loose leaf tea.

The five options we now offer include:

#1: 100 cup tea bags per box
#2: 100 mug tea bags per box
#2 bulk: 1000 mug sized tea in non-retail box for food service
#4: 100 pot tea bags per box
#5: 40 slim carafe tea bags per box

This range of filter sizes allow flexibility for not only food service, but also for consumers who wish to select the proper sized bag for the personal, family or entertainment audiences.

I usually travel with loose tea and a few disposable t-sac tea filters. This lets me enjoy quality tea in my hotel room, on the airplane, and anywhere I can find hot water.

Here's a can fill these tea bags and heat seal them yourself in advance of an event. Offer them to your friends who may not be familiar with how to steep loose leaf tea. When the bags are sealed, you can just drop them in a cup, pot, or thermos without worrying about the tea floating out of the bag.