Saturday, October 2, 2010

T-sac disposable tea filters now available

We very pleased to introduce 5 different t-sac tea filters - ready for retail sale. The natural tea filters are portable, perfect for to go cups and convenient steeping of larger quantities of loose leaf tea.

The five options we now offer include:

#1: 100 cup tea bags per box
#2: 100 mug tea bags per box
#2 bulk: 1000 mug sized tea in non-retail box for food service
#4: 100 pot tea bags per box
#5: 40 slim carafe tea bags per box

This range of filter sizes allow flexibility for not only food service, but also for consumers who wish to select the proper sized bag for the personal, family or entertainment audiences.

I usually travel with loose tea and a few disposable t-sac tea filters. This lets me enjoy quality tea in my hotel room, on the airplane, and anywhere I can find hot water.

Here's a can fill these tea bags and heat seal them yourself in advance of an event. Offer them to your friends who may not be familiar with how to steep loose leaf tea. When the bags are sealed, you can just drop them in a cup, pot, or thermos without worrying about the tea floating out of the bag.

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