Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Change in Foil Pouches

We are slowly beginning to transition to using foil pouches with a natural, green paper exterior. You'll start to see these changes implemented throughout all the different wholesale foils we use in production.

The new foils are the equivalent strength to the old ones but are more ecologically friendly. We hope you enjoy the change.


  1. Hello Ron,
    Can you please explain how the new paper/foil pouches are more "ecologically friendly"? As I understand it, hybrid packaging materials cannot be recycled, whereas a paper-only or a plastic-only package might possibly be recyclable (depending on one's local recycling system). I look forward to your explanation so that I can get excited about the new Kopius foil pouches!! All the best, Ann of The Tea Drinker

  2. Ann:

    Thanks for your comment. The foils are made with layers of material. You can feel the difference as some foils are manufactured thicker than others.

    Our new paper foils use paper as the outer layer.

    The foils stand up well to shipping and keep the products airtight. Most of our clients store our teas in these bags in the overstock areas of their stores and warehouses.

    The only real green airtight packaging I've come across is the compostable bags used for Sunchips. Have you seen them? There's awfully noisy to handle.

    My other suggestion is to reuse the bags. They are quite sturdy - you can use them to store dried fruit and other bulk items at home.