Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yame Matcha (new!)

Today we are announcing a new variety of matcha - Yame Matcha from Japan's southern island of Kyushu. This matcha features a vivid, bright, natural green matcha tea at an affordable price. To ensure freshness, the matcha is packaged in 30 gram sealed canister.

Matcha is extremely healthy. When you make a fresh bowl, you are consuming all the goodness of the entire tea leaf, and not just those antioxidants which dissolve in water.

To make matcha, place about 2 grams into a bowl or cup. Add hot water. Traditionally the beverage is made by creating a tea suspension with a bamboo whisk (see left), but you can also blend by hand with a spoon or whisk. A good quality bowl of matcha ready to serve is shown above.

You can also add matcha to your favorite smoothie or dessert recipe. In fact, we went to dinner to a sushi restaurant where they offered matcha salt!

We recommend you store opened matcha tightly sealed in the refrigerator to preserve freshness. The matcha will begin to clump as it gets repeatedly exposed to cold and warm temperatures, so it is best to limit exposure at room temperature. Typically we just scoop what we need and quickly return the matcha back to the refrigerator. Some retailers sell matcha sifters to help disperse the matcha back to a fine powder - particularly useful if you are having a hard time whisking a proper bowl.

In our retail store, people have told us matcha helps them concentrate better (for poker and studying), become more regular in their metabolism, and generally feel much healthier than drinking coffee.

Kopius Teas offers Yame Matcha in your choice of :
  • TeaSentials retail ready tins
  • Private label tins
  • Unlabeled tins

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