Friday, January 14, 2011

SpecialTeas Substitutions / Replacements

As many of you may have heard, SpecialTeas is closing down their wholesale and retail web site. We enjoyed their teas and we wish them much success in their future endeavors.

For those of you who don't know us, Kopius Teas ( is a business to business distributor of fine teas and herbs. We offer the finest selection of Certified Organic and Fair Trade teas and blends, all shipped direct from our blending and packaging facilities in Southern California. In addition, we stock an abundance of conventional products as well.

We thought it would be helpful to create a quick chart of SpecialTeas equivalent teas to see how many we could match. The traditional unflavored teas should be fairly close in character. The blends will vary slightly based on the percentage and nature of the flavoring used.

In researching the SpecialTeas list, I was quite impressed by the range of teas and non-teas they stock. Of course, we're not Kopius (Copious) Teas in name alone.

Here's our initial view. It's slightly over 75 at first glance. Not too bad. If you're a business in need of a replacement for a SpecialTeas tea or tisane, you can use the chart below to find our closest equivalent. If you're a retail customer, shoot us a message, as we may still be able to assist you.

We'll try to update this list when we get a chance - this is a preliminary view. Do you have a favorite that's not shown below? Let us know...

SpecialTeas Product / Item Recommended
No. 249 ASSAM TGFOP-1  Assam FOP
No. 220 MALTY FBOP Organic Banaspathy GBOP
No. 317 KENILWORTH OP1 Kenilworth OP
No. 318 DIMBULLA OP Kirkoswald Full Leaf
No. 311 KOSLANDA OP    Koslanda BOP
No. 316 LOVER’S LEAP B Lovers Leap Pekoe 1
No. 304 NUWARA ELIYA B Mahagastotte FBOP
No. 321 VITHANAKANDE F New Vithanakanda Extra Special
No. 319 VITHANAKANDE F New Vithanakanda FBOPF Special
No. 310 PETTIAGALLA FO Pettiagalla
No. 502 KEEMUN IMPERIA Keemun Black OP 1276
No. 501 KEEMUN SPECIAL Keemun Black Superior
No. 515 SUPERIOR TI KU Organic Tie Kuan Yin Oolong Ex Special
No. 511 FINE TI KUAN Y Tie Kwan Yin K103
YUNNAN FBOP Yunnan Black 6112
No. 507 YUNNAN IMPERIA yunnan Black Needle
No. 135 SELIMBONG FTGF Selimbong
No. 104 JUNGPANA FTGFO Jungpana
No. 882 DECAF ENGLISH  Decaf English Breakfast
No. 871 DECAF CHAI WIT Decaf Rockin Chai
No. 895 DECAF SENCHA G Decaf Papaya Green
No. 928 RASPBERRY WITH Berries & Rose
No. 908 ALMOND COOKIE  Fortune Cookie
No. 916 GINGER PEACH A Ginger Peach
No. 927 PEACH WITH PEA Ginger Peach
No. 915 COCONUT WITH C Hula High
No. 917 SWEET LEMON WI Lemon Drop
No. 919 MANGO WITH MAN Mango Swirl
NO. 933 WILD CHERRY WI Persian Delight
No. 867 GREEN TEA GREE Apple Pear Green
No. 940 GREEN TEA SWEE Lovely Lemon Drop
No. 946 MOROCCAN MINT* Moroccan Mint
No. 771 GREEN TEA ORAN Orange Spritzer
No. 712 SWEET CRANBERR Crimsonberry
No 725 Lemonade Sonata Lemonade
No. 755 GREEN ROOIBOS  Cape Carnival
No. 750 PURE GREEN ROO Green Rooibos
No. 976 AFTER DARK Chamomile Blend
No. 987 LEMON VERBENA, Lemon Verbena
No. 977 PEPPERMINT, CU Peppermint Organic
WHITE PEONY (PAI MU TA Bai Mudan Ex Special
No. 655 GENMAI-CHA genmaicha
No. 700 GYOKURO SUPERI Gyokuro
No. 654 HOJI-CHA Hojicha
No. 591 BOLD-LEAF PU-E Organic Pu-erh #2
No. 551 China Silver N Silver Needle White Down
No. 800 ENGLISH  BREAK Venture English Breakfast Organic
No. 705 MATCHA 30g tin Yame Matcha
LAPSANG SOUCHONG ORGAN Organic Lapsang Souchong
No. 966 MATE TIRAMISU Chocolate Vanilla Mate
No. 963 MATE ROASTED Roasted Yerba Mate
No. 960 MATE GREEN Yerba mate
No 350 Himalayan Golde Organic Gurance SFTGFOP1
No 354 Himilayan Tips  Organic Gurance SFTGFOP1
No 351 Himilayan Mount Organic Gurance SFTGFOP1
No. 331 TIGER HILL OP  Chamraj FOP
No. 952 ROOIBOS CHOCOL Chocolate Mint Rooibos
No. 760 ROOIBOS CHAI ( Herbal chai
No. 950 PURE ROOIBOS,  Rooibos Short Cut
No. 763 ROOIBOS WHITE  Rooibos White Chocolate Melange
No. 956 ROOIBOS SIMBA  Safari
No. 562 JASMINE ORGANI Jasmine #4 DZS
No. 565 JASMINE PHOENI Jasmine Pearls
No. 569 CHINA ROSE CON Rose Congou
No. 522 CHINA CHUN MEE Chun Mee 9371
No. 533 LUNG CHING (DR Dragonwell Extra Special
No 547 Superior Lung C Dragonwell Extra Special Organic
No. 520 GUNPOWDER SPEC Gunpowder
No. 527 PI LO CHUN SEL Organic Bi Luo Chun
No. 618 TUNG TING JADE Organic High Mountain Oolong
No. 614 FORMOSA POUCHO Paochong

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