Monday, December 7, 2009

2010 TransFairUSA license fees

Starting in 2010 TransFairUSA is initiating new contracts to shift responsibilities for license fee payments away from the Importer and onto the Manufacturer. Kopius Teas will be acting as the Manufacturer in terms of the supply chain for Fair Trade certified teas and herbs. Therefore we will collect the license fees and pay this amount directly to TransFairUSA on behalf of our clients.

There will be no change in how transactions are conducted on the Kopius Teas website, but you should indicate on your quarterly reports that the license fees were collected by Kopius Teas. These payments are shown as  Fair Trade Certified Tea - USA directly under the qualifying product on your sales invoice.

We encourage you to check with other wholesalers to confirm their policies, as you may still be responsible for other FairTrade license fees that are not collected by those acting as an Importer.

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