Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beat the Winter Doldrums

Sunny San Diego isn't sunny today. It's cold and wet. We're all still licking our wounds from the Chargers loss / blunder.

What kind of tea should I reach for today?

Rooibos White Chocolate. I'm in the mood for something comforting and satisfying. I don't want caffeine, as my head's in a little bit of a funk today.

The white chocolate is light on the palate, but enticing in its aroma. Sometimes I just want something simple, not overly flavored. If I were serving this with food, I would think of a lighter snack, perhaps a small raspberry sorbet with fresh mint or a pear tart with a light vanilla cream sauce.

On the savory side, perhaps along side sliced melon and prosciutto. Any lightly cured, smoked sweet or semi-sweet ham should go nicely.

I think my headache is subsiding. Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

  1. Nice, I've always been curious about chocolate teas. This white chocolate tea sounds like the perfect compliment to the rainy day today in Hawaii.