Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year - 2010

We wish everyone a Happy New Year. No doubt you're in the midst of reordering following the heavy holiday season. We are embarking on some new offerings and changes to the website.

1. Kopius Teas website. We performed a system upgrade this past week. You can now show more easily by adding products to your cart without having to constantly view the cart itself. Instead, a small popup window with your cart contents will appear and it will update as you continue to shop. Way cool!

2. Price changes. We haven't implemented planned price changes, but know that they are coming. We expect prices to increase for smaller quantities and decrease for larger quantities. In addition, we will be posting some very attractive buys for those resellers buying in intact case quantity sizes.

3. Teas, teas, teas. We know you want more pictures and better descriptions. We have many new teas to post to the website and we will be eliminating some older products that we will no longer carry. Having said that, we often can help you source both unique teas and herbs not found on our website, provided you wish to order in somewhat substantial quantities (eg more than 20 lbs for herbs, and more than 50 lbs for teas).

4. New blends. Do you have any blends you felt we just had to offer, but for whatever reason, we don't? Let us know! With hundreds of blending ingredients and flavors and base teas, our unique blends often start with your ideas.

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