Sunday, September 27, 2009

Canadian customers

Kopius Teas ( ships wholesale to Canada. There are a few special points you may wish to keep in mind when placing your order.

1. Your teas will arrive via UPS Standard. The shipping calculator will include all customs and duties to your door. Prior to submitting your order, check the shipping subtotal. You might be better off ordering in larger quantities to offset the total shipping expense. Furthermore, it is better to order a few pounds extra of the blending ingredients, as we stock some of these items in smaller quantities compared to tea.

2. We encourage you to request samples at the time of your order. This makes it easier to include in a single shipment.

3. If you intend to purchase and resell Fair Trade Certified products, please select the Fair Trade option marked for CANADA. This reduced fee is extended because you are expected to submit licensing fees directly to Transfair Canada (

4. You should allow 6-12 business days for transit, as customs may take several days to process your shipment.

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