Monday, September 28, 2009

Six New Premium Teas

Organic Jasmine Pearls - NEW shipment!
Slightly larger, darker leaf than our standard organic jasmine pearls. Steeps with a strong essence of jasmine. Light liquor color. Easily steeped multiple infusions.

Gurance Hand Rolled
Exquisite leaf presentation, very sweet aroma and taste, with lingering fruity notes. High quality. The most outstanding of these six new additions.

Jasmine Needle Guangdong
A jasmine white tea. The jasmine is slightly strong for a white tea, but some may prefer this. Good quality leaves. 

Namring First Flush Darjeeling
Bold first flush with heavy body and texture. Very appealing, well balanced.

Organic Dragonwell Special
Light and dark flat, pan fried leaves. Lighter body in the liquor, but still a classic, distinctive green dragonwell with medium astringent finish.

Imperial Spring Green
Misty green, young leaves, reminiscent of a huang shan mao feng in its woodsy character. Beautiful steeped leaves deliver a wonderfully full aroma.

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