Friday, September 4, 2009

Key selection in any tea menu - Jasmine Pearls

Every day we are asked to make recommendations on new and existing tea menus. The single more frequent recommendation we can offer (based upon reordering and direct retail sales figures) is Jasmine Pearls (also known as Dragon Pearls). These hand rolled, green tea leaves are quite captivating to new and experienced tea drinkers alike. The gentle, calming aroma of fresh jasmine entices both female and male shoppers. Furthermore, the leaves represent an excellent introduction to loose leaf teas, as the pearls slowly unfurl in your cup - meaning, you can get several excellent infusions from one set of leaves. Don't have an infuser yet? Not a problem with Jasmine Pearls. you can easily remove them from your cup with a simple tea spoon.

We price our Jasmine Pearls at $20/lb wholesale. You just can't beat that for this quality of product - anywhere.

So whether you're a coffee roaster, coffee retailer, specialty tea retailer, or internet retailer, we hope you'll strongly consider incorporating Jasmine Pearls into your tea menu.

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