Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kenya Tea Auction featured on NPR's Morning Edition

NPR’s morning edition featured a podcasted interview at the Mombassa Tea Auction by Gwen Thompkins – In Kenya, Tea Auction Steeped In Tradition, Gentility.

This gives you a feel for the traditional method of auctioning teas, which has occurred weekly for many years.
While many teas from Kenya are CTC, they do offer some limited, high quality, whole leaf tea, including oolong and black teas. Kenyan teas are bold and distinct from teas from India and Sri Lanka. In our retail environment, we felt it was beneficial to offer teas from a variety of countries to demonstrate its true international appeal and heritage.

Kopius Teas ( has brought in some excellent Kenya oolongs and blacks. We think the oolongs are quite rare and would make a good talking point at the point of sale.

Another resource is the Kenya Tea Board.

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